I’m going to try and post a few of these travelogue entries as often as I can though not necessarily regularly!

I am no world traveler, in fact, at the top of my ToDo list is to renew my passport. But I do get out and about in the East Midlands from my home base and there is a wealth of beautiful, interesting and forgotten location a stone’s throw from where I live.

So for my first of 2016, a mashup of visits made last month and this in and around the East Midlands: Bolster Castle on an atrociously bitter cold day, Calke Abbey and Sudbury Hall and a recent visit to Cresswell Crags. Enjoy and please comment.

Travelogue – Feb/March 2016 around the East Midlands


Calke Abbey
Calke Abbey, Derbys.

Creswell Crags

Creswell Cargos - one of the cave entrances

Bolsover Castle

View from Bolsover Castle Ramparts

Sudbury Hall

Sudbury Hall nr Ashbourne, Derbys.