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I am not a political analyst but I like to think I have enough sense to read through the chatter and ‘clickbait’ headlines surrounding the US Presidential Election and come to a reasoned and educated viewpoint.

I fully acknowledge that Hilary Clinton is far from the ideal candidate but please just think for a moment, if you are an American & thinking of voting for Trump about the following.

If Trump were to become President, how will you feel, as an American, to have, by all accounts, an untrustworthy and allegedly duplicitous, failed & corrupt businessman and reality show host representing the USA? Think too about the controversy surrounding him in regard to race and attitude towards women. What about the support he is attracting from the nasty & dangerous far right in America – ‘alt-right’, white supremacists. What impression will that give to the rest of the world? Could he ever be taken seriously on the world stage?

Furthermore, Trump’s election would very likely result in triggering another crash wrecking the world’s economy.

Think too about how he would react in a crisis; will he be calm, rational and considered in his decision-making? There is a real danger of the resumption of the Cold War and the likelihood of Trump pushing the ‘big red button’ in response to a future crisis that unfolds or even in a fit of pique because someone in some foreign country has slighted him is not impossible.

I really hope you think beyond the borders of America and acknowledge that there is a world beyond the USA and what you choose to do when casting your vote on Tuesday will have far-reaching implications across the world.